About the Viterbo Research Collection

The Viterbo Research Collection (VRC) is Viterbo University's institutional repository. The collection contains scholarly content produced at Viterbo, and is accessible to everyone.  Research in the collection includes  selected graduate, undergraduate, faculty, alumni, and guest scholarship. For help, please contact Jason Skoog at jaskoog@viterbo.edu or 608-796-3262.

Submissions for Graduate Students

The Viterbo Research Collection accepts completed culminating scholarship projects from students in Viterbo University graduate programs.  The following manual provides information regarding deposit policies, style guides and submission standards: Protocol for Graduate Culminating Scholarship Submissions.

The submissions process
  • After students pass the committee review of their work, the program may choose to submit signed signature pages to the archives. The program can either scan and email them to jaskoog@viterbo.edu, or they can interdepartmentally mail the physical sheets to "Archives, Murphy 132" for the archives to scan and insert into projects.  If the program is unable to collect signatures, the archives will still accept and publish the projects.
  • If IRB forms were required for the work, they must be included within the work after references and appendices.  If IRB forms were used, but not included within the work, the program may send them to the archives for digitization and insertion into the final work.
  • The program submits final work of scholarship in word or PDF format to the archives via email (jaskoog@viterbo.edu).
  • The archives will generate metadata and post the scholarship in the Viterbo Research Collection.
  • By submitting the work you indicate that the author has read and agreed to the deposit policies section of the Protocol for Graduate Culminating Scholarship Submissions and the Viterbo Research Collection Copyright Policy.
  • Question? Please contact Jason Skoog: jaskoog@viterbo.edu, 608-796-3262.

Submissions for Undergraduate Students

The Viterbo Research Collection accepts scholarship projects from the Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium and Scholars Days. Students interested in depositing their work outside of these events should contact their research advisor for additional information.

Files may be submitted in the following formats:

  • Print: Word or PDF
  • Audio: MP3
  • Video: MPEG
  • Image: TIFF is preferred, but JPG is acceptable.
The submissions process