Staff Directory


Kim Olson-Kopp
608-796-3263,, Room 109

Bud Andrews
Evening Circulation Supervisor
608-796-3271,, Main Desk

Lisa Christie
Reference Librarian
608-796-3268,, Room 126

Molly Eddy
Circulation Manager
608-796-3277,, Main Desk

Jodi Hilleshiem
Instruction and Electronic Resources Librarian
608-796-3278,, Room 114

Jessi Leum
Circulation Supervisor
608-796-3267,, Main Desk

Pam Newberg
Cataloging and Reference Librarian
608-796-3265,, Room 111

Mary Rieder
Outreach and Acquisitions Librarian,
608-796-3266,, Room 110

Jason Skoog
Archives and Systems Librarian
608-796-3262,, Room 128



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