Strategic Priorities

Since 2015, Viterbo University has been awarded over $12.5 million in mission--aligned grants from federal agencies, private foundations, and corporate partners to support a variety of priorities aligned with the institution's mission and Strategic Plan 2027 - RISE. Through initiatives to increase educational access, support student success, promote public health, and foster social justice, Viterbo is enacting its vision of a Catholic, Franciscan university boldly transforming students and our communities through service, collaboration, and leadership.

Institutional Impact

Viterbo's investment in students and our communities includes the following federal awards to support underrepresented students, improve retention and graduation, prevent campus violence, train healthcare professionals.

Health Resources & Services Administration
  • Focus: Integrated Substance Use Disorder Training (RESPOND)

  • Outcome: Expand the number of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and counselors trained to provide mental health and substance use disorder clinical services in underserved community-based settings.

  • Scope: $1.4 million

  • Period: 2023-2028

U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Violence Against Women
Health Resources & Services Administration
U.S. Department of Education - Student Support Services (TRIO)
  • Focus: Educational Access and Student Success

  • Outcome: Provide academic, personal, career, and social services that facilitate retention and graduation of students who are first generation, low income, or have diagnosed disabilities.

  • Scope: $1.4 million

  • Period: 2020-2025

U.S. Department of Education - Strengthening Institutions (Title III)
  • Focus: Improving Student Success

  • Outcome: Expand services, systems, and technology to support student retention and success.

  • Scope: $2 million

  • Period: 2015-2021

For more information, contact:

Timothy Schorr, DMA
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
Murphy Center 223