Spanish is no longer considered a foreign language in the U.S., and many service providers, corporations, and government institutions require or prefer professionals that are culturally competent and have practical knowledge of the language. Viterbo University’s Spanish program provides the language and cultural skills that prepare students for the global job market.

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Retroactive Credit

Students who enter Viterbo University with advanced preparation in Spanish may receive from three–twelve retroactive credits provided:

  • the student takes a Spanish placement exam to determine appropriate class level;
  • a grade of C or better is earned in the student’s first university course above the 101 level;
  • students who withdraw from the university during the semester do not receive retroactive credit.

Retroactive credits granted count toward the B.A. degree as well as toward a Spanish major or minor. These credits will appear on the student’s transcript after successful completion of the higher-level course.

For purposes of appropriate course placement, a test is required of all students registering for a Spanish course for the first time at Viterbo University. Students with no previous language study and those transferring in college language credit need not take the exam.

International Baccalaureate Program

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is recognized by Viterbo University for purposes of admission, course credit, and advanced standing or placement. The university awards credit for higher-level IBP examinations according to the respective academic department. The student must enroll as a degree-seeking student at Viterbo. For details on actual credit award and course placement, contact the the registrar's office. See Alternative Credit in the catalog for further information.