Honors Program

Honors Program Mission

A community of scholars, the Honors Program provides an enriched learning environment that deepens students’ academic experiences, develops their leadership potential, and expands their engagement with local and national communities through program-funded service and academic opportunities.

A Year In Review

Looking to learn more about what the Honors Program does at Viterbo?  A current Honors student decided to capture the impact and community we created throughout the year in the video below!.  Thanks to Laura for her consistent creativity!

A Year in Review (Laura Weidemann '22, Dietetics)


Honors Program Goals

  • To develop a community of scholars
  • To promote academic excellence within the Viterbo University community
  • To provide opportunities for research and creative work involving both faculty and students
  • To assist students in preparation for graduate and professional schools
  • To help students develop leadership skills by providing them opportunities to work with service organizations both within and outside the University
Honors Program at Viterbo