Why does Viterbo University offer a general engineering program instead of specialized engineering majors such as biomedical engineering?

If you are interested in engineering and like the feel of a liberal arts institution, the general engineering program at Viterbo University can provide a solid engineering curriculum within the context of a program that focuses on a breadth of knowledge, personal development, and social awareness.

What has motivated Viterbo University to start an Engineering program?

Requests from local engineering businesses for Viterbo University graduates with engineering skills has been a strong motivator in the development of the engineering program. As a result, our students will enjoy experience with solving real-world engineering problems throughout their coursework and networking opportunities with local engineering companies.

Does Viterbo University have experience with starting new programs?

Yes. Viterbo University has a long history of starting new programs. Biopsychology and biochemistry are new within the past 10 years. The biochemistry program has earned ASBMB accreditation and is ACS accredited.

Will the Engineering program be a coop program, where I will start at Viterbo University and need to transfer to another school to finish my degree?

Engineering is a 4-year degree at Viterbo University. It is not necessary to finish your degree at another institution.

I enjoy and have found success in mathematics and science, and I think engineering might be a good fit for me. However, I also have an interest in theater, art, and/or music. How will I fit into the engineering program at Viterbo University?

The general engineering major consists of 120 credits total; this includes our core curriculum. By keeping the required credits of the major as low as possible, students will have more control over the courses they take during their time at Viterbo University. A liberal arts university is a natural setting for students with multiple interests that can be pursued in the form of electives, a minor, or even as a second major.

Will the Engineering major be accredited?

We developed our engineering curriculum to align with the standards of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), and we started the accreditation process by submitting a Readiness Review in October 2021 prior to the graduation of our first cohort of engineering students and a Self Study report in July 2022. We also hosted an ABET team of evaluators on campus in October 2022.