Track 3: Dietetic Internship + Thesis Masters

Program Completion Requirements

Completion of DPD requirements prior to enrolling in Viterbo's internship and completion of supervised practice as part of the internship are required to be eligible to take the exam to become a registered dietitian (R.D.). 

The dietetic internship with thesis Masters at Viterbo lasts 14 months with 8 months of supervised practice or clinical rotations. For the 2024-25 academic year, the clinical portion of the internship begins August 26, 2024 and is completed on May 9, 2025. For the Masters portion of the program classes will start online May 12, 2024 and run through June 26, 2025. The internship provides at least 1,000 hours of supervised practice in both community and medical dietetics as well as food service management. Supervised practice is 30 hours per week Monday through Friday. 

 In order to complete the dietetic internship, successful completion of at least 1,000 hours is required. All competencies must be completed and the intern must consistently abide by all policies and procedures including those related to HIPPA requirements and the Academy's standards of professional responsibility.

Specific requirements for each course within the internship + thesis option:
  Course Credits
  NUTR 540* – Nutrition, Disease, and the Inflammatory State 3
NUTR 520* – Systems Approach to Obesity Prevention 3
  NUTR 630 – Medical Nutrition Therapy III 3
  NUTR 550* – Nutrigenomics 3
  NUTR 545 – Advanced Nutrition Counseling 3
  NUTR 640 – Research I Methods 3
  NUTR 530 – Evidence Analysis and Systematic Reviews Evidence Analysis Project 3
  NUTR 641 – Research II Analysis 3
  NUTR 567 – Health Assessment and MNT Review 4
  NUTR 592 – Supervised Practice in Health Promotion 6
  NUTR 593 – Supervised Practice in Health Management 6
  TOTAL 40

*Example of elective – interns would have choice of elective option depending on their declared emphasis: MNT, sports nutrition, or community management

Program costs
DICAS online application fee $20–45
Computer matching fee $50
Activity fee $95/semester
Technology fee $250/semester
Internship tuition $660/credit x 38 credits $25,080
Phase I summer session – 10 credits (May 12-August 15, 2024) $6,400
Phase II fall semester – 15 credits (August 26-December 13, 2024) $9,600
Phase III spring semester – 12 credits (January 13-May 9, 2025) $7,680
Phase IV summer session – 3 credits (May 11-June 26, 2025) $1,920
Liability insurance $24
RD exam review session $300
Academy student membership $35
Housing costs ($500/month average) varies
Resource material (books, lab coat, calculator, etc.) $200
Car transportation to and from clinical sites per semester $300


Internship Handbook (Track 3)