Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Goals
Boldly shaping ethical leadership in business. Engage. Innovate. Serve. Transform.


The Dahl School of Business values every student and prepares each one to make a difference as an ethical and effective leader in organizations and society.


Our vision is to be the school of choice in our region for dynamic, personalized, ethics-based business education. Every graduate of our program is motivated and equipped to make a significant contribution to his or her organization and community.

As a school of business rooted in Catholic Franciscan values, the Dahl School of Business believes that:

  • Persons are biological, interpersonal, and spiritual beings who develop and interact within families, communities, and their environment. Persons have inherent dignity and worth and the right to autonomy and self-determination in their life choices.
  • Environment consists of internal and external factors that influence the conduct of business in organizations, families, and communities.
  • Business is an ethical enterprise involving the exchange of goods and/or services in a climate of respect and mutual benefit.
  • Learning is a lifelong endeavor that is self-motivated, reflective, and active. The processes and outcomes of learning include critical analysis and synthesis of knowledge and experience.
  • Teaching is a creative, reflective, and interactive process that facilitates learning. Teaching involves the sharing of knowledge and experience grounded in theory, research, and practice.
  • Teaching-learning practices incorporate active learning strategies, promote critical thinking and clinical judgment, and provide opportunities to develop professional values. Effective teaching and learning take place in an encouraging, challenging, and respectful environment.

The Dahl School of Business has set forth the following goals:

  • Implement a professional graduate and undergraduate business curriculum that builds on a strong liberal arts foundation;
  • Offer specialization, expansion and/or advancement in business practice for undergraduate and graduate learners;
  • Provide an educational experience that emphasizes active learning in a values based context;
  • Create a collegial environment that facilitates the professional development of students and faculty; and
  • Prepare graduates for professional business roles in a dynamic societal environment.