Mentorship Program

A Special Opportunity for Personal and Professional Growth

The Dahl School of Business Mentorship Program provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional development through the support of mentors. The program lasts about six months—from November to April each year. Participation in the Mentorship Program allows students to connect with professionals who value a college education and want to share their knowledge and experience.

Our Aim

This program is designed to increase learning and further professional development through matching one of our students with a business professional who will offer “real world” insight and learning opportunities. Although each mentor relationship will be unique and produce different outcomes, our goal is for the mentor relationship to include:

  • an opportunity for each student to seek counsel and ask questions related to life as a professional in a safe and supportive context.
  • a learning experience based on the discussions and life experience, insights, and knowledge of the mentor.
  • assistance in establishing, defining personal and professional goals, and the strategies to achieve them.