Job Placement
Dahl School of Business Students Succeed in Finding Purposeful Lives

Dahl School graduates have the skills and connections to successfully enter the job market. Business student placement rates consistently exceed 95%, with a 99% overall placement rate* for the past two years' graduates. In addition, all of our students complete at least one internship or practicum experience, and employer ratings for these students have consistently exceeded 4.0 on a 5.0 scale. The relationships we establish with area businesses have proven valuable to our students while they are here and after they graduate.

Check out the Career Services office at Viterbo University for many helpful hints on getting a job or an internship.

Of course, Viterbo University's liberal arts approach to higher education brings more value than the initial job our students land. It serves the important public purposes of helping create an informed citizenry, promote the values of faithful service, civic engagement and volunteerism, add to collective knowledge through research and innovation, and support the principles of democracy.

*97% of our 2014 graduates reported their post-graduation status.