Mission Seminars

FVT (VUSM 100) - Franciscan Values and Traditions

Viterbo University was founded in 1890 by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. This entry-level seminar examines that heritage and what it means to be and behave like a Franciscan. These courses will use the works of Saints Francis, Clare, and Rose of Viterbo as a foundation for exploring the university’s core values of hospitality, integrity, contemplation, stewardship, and service.

LDW - Living in a Diverse World

Students in this seminar will define, identify, and evaluate diverse notions of justice, equity, equality, oppression, discrimination, and prejudice specifically related to diversity. While thinking more broadly about what constitutes a fair and just society, students will build skills in cultural awareness and empathy.  The course culminates in a group problem-solving project. Prerequisite: any 100-level VUSM course or transfer student placement.

SJE - Social Justice and Equity

Following in the Franciscan tradition of peacemaking, Social Justice and Equity courses help students serve the common good by presenting social justice frameworks they can use as the basis for making recommendations to improve community life, politics, or government.  Students engage in a range of activities including service learning, critical reflection, collaborative problem-solving, and academic research.

TEL (VUSM 400) - The Ethical Life

The Ethical Life builds upon the student's ethical reasoning to examine the role of moral values and to explore real world ethical dilemmas. The seminars may approach ethical living from a variety of perspectives, professions, and disciplines. Prerequisite: completion of FVT, LDW, and SCG requirements.