Campus Health Advisory Committee

Name of Committee: Campus Health Advisory Committee

The Campus Health Advisory Committee works to ensure continuity of Viterbo’s educational mission and institutional effectiveness by providing guidance to achieve a healthy and safe campus community.

Responsibility/Functions of Committee:

  • Provide proactive assessment regarding health-related situations affecting campus.
  • Minimize the impact of health risks and national health emergencies.
  • Provide an inclusive environment and avoid stigmatization regarding any health-related situation.
  • Coordinate with campus functional areas, and federal, state, and local health officials on issues and health guidance.
  • Collect and analyze unique and peer-reviewed information on health threats as well as the health of Viterbo campus environments.
  • Support health-related engagement for employees and students.
  • Recommend to Cabinet/Deans actions and/or policy (temporary or permanent).


  • Advisory to the president
  • Makes recommendations to the Cabinet/Deans

Membership Make up

Members may recommend a designee from the same functional area.

  • Director, Health Services
  • Vice President, Student Life
  • Director, Physical Plant
  • Dean or Assistant Dean, School of Nursing
  • Director, Instructional Support Services
  • Assistant Director, Communications
  • Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Executive Director, University Relations
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Athletics
  • Director of Counseling Services
  • Director, Fine Arts Center
  • Director, Graduate programs and Academic Initiatives
  • Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Faculty to represent an area pertinent to the committee’s work, appointed by the president

Additional campus leaders may be asked to join as needed

Member Selection:

All members appointed by position.

Term of Service:

All members serve while in their position unless a designee representing the same functional area is appointed.

Meeting Schedule:

The committee will meet a minimum of once per semester, more frequently as the situation requires.