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Whether you have five or 50 minutes to spare, members of the Advising and Career Development team are available to highlight important job search, internship, career exploration, and/or strengths-based practices with your classes. There are options for all students and some that are more geared toward certain populations. See below for a few of our talented team members, their areas of expertise, and suggested audience. Contact to learn more or schedule.

  • Resume and cover letter construction
  • Self-assessment interpretation (PathwayU)
  • 4-year graduation planning
  • Internship process
  • Job search and interviewing tips
  • Social media, personal branding, and LinkedIn profile development
  • Handshake
  • Career fair overview
  • Networking
  • Custom presentations are also available

Kristen Nyholm, Academic Advisor
Kristen is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Global Career Development Facilitator. She has completed training in Anti-Racism, Deaf Cultural Competence, Green Zone, LGBTQIA+ Allyship, and Neurodiversity. Kristen can offer access to the Clifton Strengths assessment and provide a reflective space for students customizable to your course's needs. 

Lower-level courses (first-second year): Best for those exploring their strengths and how they can harness them 

Jenna Eichberger, Career Specialist 
Jenna is an Academy Certified Resume Writer through Resume Writing Academy and a Global Career Development Facilitator. She can review the best resume, cover letter, and interview practices and how to create professional materials that market our student's best skills to potential employers.

Upper-level courses (second-third year): Best for students who are creating their resume or needing guidance fine-tuning it so they can get a job, be accepted for an opportunity, or showcase their accomplishments

Sarah Hines, Career Advising Specialist
Sarah can cover vocational development tools, such as career assessments like PathwayU, Challenge Mindset, and Transferable skills. She is a co-leader of the Viterbo Internship program and can highlight important steps for securing and making the most of an internship experience using platforms such as Handshake and LinkedIn. 
Sarah can also highlight specific career-related events being held to connect our students to skills, networks, and opportunities. 

Lower or upper-level courses: Career development can be best suited to students who are seeking exploration, whereas events can target specific populations. Internships are best for second-fourth year students depending on their major program requirements

To schedule a presentation: Email with the topic(s) you are interested in, dates of availability, and time frame.