Resumes and Cover Letters
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Jenna Eichberger is a certified resume writer through the Resume Writing Academy.

Whether you're new to resume and cover letter writing or just need help polishing your current materials, we have you covered! We offer resume and cover reviews at no charge to current students and alumni via in-person and Zoom appointments. The following resources are designed to help you craft professional job search correspondence. 

Resume and Cover Letter Gallery

Our samples demonstrate best practices in formatting, organization, and content. Many of our resume and cover letters are based on original work from Viterbo students; all samples have been published with their permission. Additional fictional samples were created in collaboration with faculty and staff. 

Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit

Our toolkit provides an overview of the basics of resume and cover letter writing, with select samples from various majors.

ATS-Friendly Templates

Template users: Beware! If you built your resume from a template, be aware that your materials may not be read correctly in applicant tracking software (ATS). Check out our ATS-friendly templates, created especially for you by ACD staff. Our templates are free of the formatting obstacles, such as textboxes, columns, and tables that may affect the readability of your resume.