Early Start Summer Coursework and Housing Options

Are you an incoming fall 2023 student? Do you want to get an early start on coursework at a special summer rate? 

Viterbo University is pleased to announce summer 2023 coursework AND housing options for both continuing and incoming students. While course and housing options as well as other details can be viewed at www.viterbo.edu/summer, the best courses for new incoming students might include:

  • ARTS 103 Studio Based Introduction to Art AE (3 cr.) plus $180 fee - June 2-17, on campus
  • COMM 105-002 Digital Imaging AE (3 cr.) - May 15-June 30, online
  • MATH 130-001 Introductory Statistics QL (3 cr.) - May 15-June 30, online
  • SOWK 210-001 Intro to Social Work OC, SS(3 cr.) - May 15-June 30, online

I'm interested! How do I apply to take an early start summer class?

  • Notify Admissions: fall 2023 students that want an early start with coursework in summer 2023 should notify Molly Hundt (608-796-3018 and mhundt@viterbo.edu) in Admissions as soon as possible. In your message, please include the course you'd like to take. Please, also mention if you would like summer housing. 
  • Registration deadlines: Some courses begin May 15, while others begin in July. To leave plenty of time for us to connect with you about your plans, confirm space in the course, and complete registration, please notify us at least a week in advance of the start of your course.  If approved for early start coursework, students will be notified and assisted with registration by Lisa Konkel (608-796-3467 and lmkonkel@viterbo.edu) in Advising and Career Development. 
  • Costs: While your fall/spring financial aid wouldn't apply to these early start Summer 2023 courses, the courses are being offered at a significantly reduced tuition rate. 
    • Tuition: $295 per credit hour
    • Regular 2022-23 student activity and technology fees
    • Lab or studio fees, if applicable.
    • Books: costs vary based on the course, whether you seek new or used books, and if you elect to rent or purchase your books. More information can be found at the Viterbo University Bookstore.
    • Housing (optional): Summer apartment-style housing is available at a reduced rate starting at $130 per week. Apply for summer housing by May 1.