Every two to three years Viterbo will conduct an assessment with students of its Academic Advising services. The Academic Advising Perception Inventory was created in-house by the Academic Advising Committee and approved by Viterbo's academic advisors. The assessment tool is outcomes based in that it takes into account the goals and objectives of the advising program along with the responsibilities of the advisor and the advisee.

The Inventory was first used in 1998 and the next scheduled assessment will take place in Fall 2019. The latest Composite Profiles may be viewed here.

The results of the survey are reviewed by the Academic Advising Coordinator with a summary analysis shared with the Viterbo community. The individual advisor results are shared with the school dean and department chair and then to the respective advisor.

A summary profile for each advisor will also be included in that person's official professional file at Viterbo unless this was the advisor's first year advising at Viterbo. It is expected that each full-time faculty member function as an academic advisor and this is to be considered as part of the review process for promotion and tenure.

Other Viterbo professional personnel also function as academic advisors. The results of the survey for these advisors are likewise placed in their professional file and are to be included as part of the annual evaluation process with their supervisor.