FAQs from Theatre and Music Theatre Applicants

Will my audition be in person or virtual?
You have the option of auditioning for us in person or virtually (using Acceptd's AuditionRoom). After you apply to Viterbo University admissions, simply select your preferred audition date/format from the audition choices listed in your Acceptd audition application and we'll send you an email with suggested audition times.

What is Acceptd?
It’s a global performing and visual arts audition and application network and an essential part of your application to Viterbo University. The Acceptd digital portfolio (audition videos, headshot, and resume, etc.) is our first introduction to you prior to your live audition.

How does Acceptd work?
Acceptd hosts all your digital media in one place. Your digital portfolio will contain your headshot, media samples, and resume information saved and ready to send out instantly when you’re ready. Acceptd also provides resources to help you create your digital portfolio.

Who will see my Acceptd profile?
Our theatre and music theatre faculty will see your Acceptd audition materials when you make your profile discoverable to Viterbo University. We value your privacy, safety, and security. Your information and content are kept private.

Is there a fee to use Acceptd?
While it’s free to create your portfolio in Acceptd, there is a non-refundable $35 application fee (charged by Acceptd) to submit your materials to Viterbo University. If you need assistance with the Acceptd submission fee, visit their Help Desk to see if you qualify for a fee waiver.

Is there a fee for my audition?
If you schedule an audition at one of the locations designated as "in-person” or "AuditionRoom" in our audition calendar on our website, there is no charge. There is a $25 non-refundable fee for unscheduled walk-in auditions at the National Unified Audition sites.

Does Viterbo charge an application fee?
No. At Viterbo, we understand that the college application process is expensive. That’s why our admissions application is FREE.

Which teacher should I identify in my Accept application (theatre, voice, dance or academic)?
The teachers you identify are of your choosing. Ideally, these teachers can speak to your theatre and academic experiences.

Is a dance audition required for music theatre auditions?
Music theatre applicants are required to include video clips of themselves dancing as part of their Acceptd portfolio. We do not need to see everyone dance live. The dance form(s) you share are your choice. We hold dance calls during live auditions on campus and at the Chicago Unified Auditions.  If you are not able to make it due to a scheduling conflict, this will not count against you.

What if I have no dance training?
Please do not be concerned if you don’t have dance training in your performing arts experience. It is common for auditionees to have little or no dance experience. For the dance audition video requirement on Acceptd, you could just create a simply choreographed video on your phone with one of your favorite songs playing in the background so we can get a sense of how you move. Remember that there are many pathways into theatre and musical theatre without a dance background.

Should I slate each of my audition pieces in my Acceptd self-introduction video?
You don’t need to slate your audition pieces in your introduction video. Slate them in the individual audition clips.

Use the intro video to:

  • Tell us your name, where you're from, and what program you're applying to.
  • Let us know if you're interested in being considered for more than one of our programs (ex., "I'm interested in both music theatre and acting." or "In addition to majoring in music theatre, I'd love to pursue a minor in...").
  • Also, to help us get to know you a bit more, tell us one thing you love to do that has nothing to do with theatre.

If I want to be considered for both the BFA Musical Theatre and the BFA Acting programs, do I need to submit two Acceptd applications/portfolios? Can I audition for both at the same time?
Terrific! You can audition for both programs with ONE audition, and you only need to submit one Acceptd portfolio. You should follow the music theatre guidelines and prepare a second monologue for your live audition. Be sure to tell us when you’re in the audition room that you want to be considered for both programs.

Does Viterbo offer talent scholarships?
Yes. In addition to the academic merit scholarships awarded by our admission office, the Theatre and Music Theatre department offers talent-based scholarships that typically range between $1,000 and $2,000 per year. Award decisions are made in March after we’ve completed all our auditions. To be considered for a scholarship, you must have completed your audition by the last audition date published on our website. You do not need to do any additional paperwork, nor do you need to re-audition to be considered for a scholarship.

Are talent and merit scholarships renewable?
Yes, both scholarships are renewable three times (four years total). Each requires that you remain in good academic standing. Additionally, to maintain your talent-based award, you must continue as a major within the Department of Theatre and Music Theatre.

Should the audition pieces (monologues and songs) I use in my live audition be the same as those included in my Acceptd portfolio?
The choice is yours. You can choose to do the same pieces for both, or you can offer different pieces.

How many students do you plan to admit into the next cohort?
Our goal is a class of 24-32 depending on the size of the graduating class in a given year. Regardless of the size of the incoming class, individual studio classes are capped at 12-16 students.

What’s the deadline for application to Viterbo University?
Viterbo University accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. You will be notified by our admissions team when you have been academically accepted to the university.

What is the timeline for admission to the theatre and music theatre programs?
Rather than waiting until March or April like most programs, we notify applicants of their acceptance into one of our degree programs at specific milestones throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to plan a campus visit to explore Viterbo more closely.

We have three notification points in our recruitment calendar:

  • In mid-December in response to fall semester auditions.
  • In mid-February for those who audition after the first of the year.
  • In late March for those who audition in the spring.

Our last audition date in March is the deadline for students wanting to be considered for a talent scholarship. The sooner you apply and audition, the sooner you can begin planning your campus visit and other activities that will help you make this important decision.

Is there a firm deadline for scheduling auditions?
You can choose any of the available published audition dates/location— just remember that you’ll need to apply to Viterbo University and submit your Acceptd portfolio before your audition can be scheduled.

Our recommendation is that you choose the earliest date possible that works for you. Talent scholarship decisions are made in March following the last published audition date, so to be considered for those scholarship dollars you need to have completed your audition before that last published audition date.

Here are the steps to audition for Viterbo University Theatre and Music Theatre.

  1. Apply to Viterbo University.
  2. Submit your Acceptd portfolio indicating your audition date preference.
  3. Complete your audition.

Will faculty provide feedback after the audition?

Can I re-audition for the BFA Music Theatre degree if I’ve been accepted into the program as a BFA Acting major?
Yes. A student in one of our programs may ask to be considered for another program after they have completed at least one semester. The decision to change programs is made in consultation with faculty and, in the case of music theatre, requires an audition. These auditions happen as part of our regularly scheduled campus audition dates for new students. The first possible date would be in early December. There are two additional dates early in the spring semester. Acting majors who audition or re-audition for music theater are sometimes admitted, but it is not guaranteed.

Can Acting majors be cast in musicals?
Yes. All majors are eligible for casting in all department productions. The theatre industry doesn’t cast an actor based on the degree they have, and neither do we. We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting for every role, while honoring a playwright’s expressed intentions and adherence to licensing agreements. We practice open casting where directors cast the students with the talents and qualities appropriate for a given role regardless of that student’s major, year in school, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or expressed gender identity.