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Viterbo University Recycling Program

Viterbo University promotes and practices recycling campus-wide.  We ask all members of the campus community to assist in that effort recycling in their own areas and offices. Recycling containers exist in all common areas of campus buildings.  Yellow containers are provided for paper recycling items, and blue containers are provided for glass, plastic, aluminum and tin, which can be commingled in one recycling container.  Recyclable items are collected regularly by physical plant staff.


Do recycle:  Books, cardboard, card stock, corrugated paper/cartons, envelopes-window/labeled/craft, newspapers, magazines, and paper-white/colored/ledger/shiny coated/carbonless/onionskin/fax.

Don't recycle:  Bathroom waste paper, carbon paper of any color, cellophane, cloth, cork, foil, packaging materials, waxed anything or facial tissue.

Glass, plastic and aluminum recycling - BLUE RECYCLING CONTAINERS labeled "CO-MINGLE"

Do recycle:  Glass containers, including soda bottles, clear/tinted glass jars, wine bottles, and glass food containers found in grocery stores.  Rinse out containers.  Remove all lids/caps.  Plastic bottles with codes #1 - #7 marked on the bottom.  Bottle opening must be smaller than the bottom of the container.  Rinse out bottles.  Remove all lids/caps. Remove metal handles.  Aluminum and steel cans.  Rinse out cans.  It is not necessary to remove labels.

Plastics that can be recycled.



Don't Recycle:  Lids/caps, plate glass, drinking glasses, ceramic/clay/ovenware/opaque glass, lab glass or window/windshield glass.  Motor/cooking oil bottles, pesticide/herbicide containers, solvent/paint/adhesive containers, Styrofoam or microwave containers, medical containers, lids/caps, yogurt/cheese containers, any plastic bags or antifreeze bottles. Paint cans, pots and pans, car parts, nails, screws, metal rods or small appliances.

Computers and Electronic Waste - please contact physical plant at extension 3922 or the Help Desk at extension 3870.  Do not dispose in the regular trash.

Office Furniture - please contact physical plant.

Any questions with regard to recyclable or non-recyclable items can be addressed to Greg Erpenbach, physical plant at extension 3922.  For information regarding computer disposal, contact Help Desk at extension 3870.