Parking on Campus/Parking Permits

Campus Map

All vehicles parked in any university parking lot must have a current Viterbo University parking permit. All commuter and resident students are required to register vehicles. Vehicle registration/parking permits for the academic year may be purchased at the Murphy Center business office. Complete information regarding parking permit purchase and parking policies on campus may be found in the Viterbo University Parking Policies which is also available in the university library. A summary policy sheet will accompany each purchased permit.

Visitors to campus may stop in the admission office which is located in the D.B. and Marge Reinhart Center, where they will receive a dated visitor permit. There is also parking on the streets surrounding our campus. People with special needs who hold a parking permit will find several spaces conveniently located throughout the lots. Contact physical plant to make any needed special arrangements.

Electronic Temporary Guest Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are available from the physical plant. Email your request to with the following information:

  • Date of parking permit
  • Name of person to receive permit
  • Person requesting the permit

If possible, request 48 hours in advance. Upon receipt of your request, you will receive an electronic format permit to forward to the party you specify. Regular paper permits are also available in the admission office or physical plant.

Ticketing and Towing

Any vehicle that is determined to be illegally parked on Viterbo University parking lots will be ticketed. There are different fine amounts assessed to the illegally parked vehicles based on the infraction. If a vehicle has shown a history of disregarding paying parking ticket fines, it will be ticketed and towed off the premises. You are strongly encouraged to purchase/request a parking permit to avoid the ticketing process.