Key and Access Card Policy

Effective Date: July 19, 2021


Security of Viterbo University buildings and facility spaces is essential for the protection of individuals and Viterbo University assets. To ensure security, physical plant is responsible for establishing and maintaining a key system and an ID/door access card system. The key system includes the installation and maintenance of locks, and the disbursement and replacement of keys for Viterbo facilities, fleet vehicles, and equipment. The ID/door access card system includes taking employee and student ID photos, maintaining the card access computer data base, and printing, replacement, and distribution of all IDs.

Door Cards/IDs

Door cards/IDs are provided to students and employees at no cost for the first one issued. If the ID is lost, damaged (punched holes, etc.) or stolen, the replacement fee is $20 and can be purchased at the Physical Plant Department located at the corner of Eighth Street and Winnebago Street. Cash or check payment only for replacement ID cards. Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft.


    Building and room keys are issued as required to all employees, students living on campus, and selected vendors, contractors, and consultants. Keys issued to non-employees are subject to the same requirements as employees. Keys are not transferable.
    Employees - The president, vice-presidents, deans, and department chairs are responsible for determining what keys department employees are authorized to obtain.
  • Requests for keys must be submitted using this form: 


  • The form then can be emailed to or it can be sent through inter-office mail to the Physical Plant. Keys can be picked up at the physical plant front desk upon approval and appointment. Key agreements are maintained as record of keys issued. New employees must show identification when picking up keys. Keys must be safeguarded and used properly at all times. All keys must be returned to physical plant when no longer needed, when employees are reassigned, or if keys become unusable due to rekeying or remodeling. All keys must be returned to human resources or physical plant upon employment termination. Lost, stolen, or unreturned keys are subject to a fee for each individual key in the amount set forth below. The University will pursue all legal collection efforts for any unpaid fees.
    Students - Keys to residence halls and theme houses are inventoried, maintained, and distributed by the office of residence life. Students must ensure keys are safeguarded and used properly at all times. All keys must be returned to residence life when no longer needed. Lost, stolen, or unreturned keys are subject to a $65 fee for each individual room key. The University will pursue all legal collection efforts for any unpaid fees.
    Fleet vehicle keys - Keys can only be checked out by the authorized person reserving a Viterbo fleet vehicle. Vehicle reservation requests should be made by email only. Keys are available for pick-up at the physical plant office front desk by appointment. See 
    Fleet Vehicle Policy for more information.
  • Lost or stolen keys – lost or stolen keys must be reported to Campus Safety and Security and the Physical Plant office within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft. Replacement keys may be issued at the following cost to the individual:


    • $100.00 for individual room key (key which operates only one door)
    • $200.00 for building master/sub-master key (key which operates multiple doors within a single building)
    • $400.00 for grand master key (key which operates both exterior and interior locks across multiple campus buildings)


    • At minimum $75.00 for individual room key

Replacement key charges will be refunded in full if the keys are turned in to the Physical Plant within 30 days of report of the lost/stolen keys. Keys returned past the 30 days will not be refunded. There will be no further keys issued to an individual failing to either pay the replacement fee or return found/recovered keys. Based on the factors involved in each instance, with consideration made to campus safety and security, the Vice President of Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer will make the final determination whether a core(s) change is required.

  • Broken keys will be replaced without charge if the broken key is returned to physical plant for exchange.
  • Anyone finding a key should immediately report and return keys to physical plant or Viterbo security.
  • All keys issued remain the property of Viterbo University. Keys for Viterbo facilities must not be reproduced, duplicated, or obtained from any source other than the physical plant department.