Accessing Your Student's Information

We understand that parents often wish to see or obtain information regarding their students, their student's financial information, or their students' grades.  We are, however, required to follow FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines.  As such, students must grant their parents and/or guardians access to this information.  Below are instructions on how to do this.

  • If your student has not yet granted you access, they must first click here.   This link will require them to log in using their Viterbo username and password to access the information needed to grant access.  If your student does not know their login information, they can visit or call 608-796-3870.
  • Once your student has granted you access to their information, use the Parent/Family Guide to step you through to your student's information.

We recognize that as your student transitions to a new phase of life, your ability to access their information may change in other spheres as well, including but not limited to health information.  We encourage parents and families to talk with their student and their health care provider about Advance Care Planning and creating a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCOPA).  More information about advance care planning, who to talk with to learn more, and how to go about setting it up can be found via the document linked below or by speaking with your health care provider: