Mission, Goals, and Outcomes



The mission of the MBA program of Viterbo University is to develop an influential network of informed, ethical, and effective leaders who are committed to making a positive impact on organizations, the community, and the world.


The goals of the MBA program are:

  • to meet the emerging needs of organizations through rigorous, innovative curricula built around the central themes of leadership, ethics, and decision making;
  • to develop principled leaders with the technical expertise and ethical foundation to be visionaries and critical thinkers who provide creative solutions to organizational challenges;
  • to foster a community that highly values life-long learning and engagement to benefit the common good;
  • to provide a thriving intellectual, supportive, and collegial climate to attract and retain exceptional students and faculty;
  • to demonstrate excellence in teaching by quality faculty who have extensive practical and educational experience.

Graduate Student Outcomes

The MBA program prepares individuals for advanced business roles in which they:

  • create innovative business strategies and processes on the basis of systems thinking and sustainability.
  • ethically lead change through individual, team, organization, and systemic collaboration.
  • apply integrative and critical thinking skills to organizational decisions.
  • communicate effectively with a high level of professionalism.