Transfer Credit

Participants may transfer up to nine credits of prior graduate coursework into the MASL program. Credit will only be granted for coursework completed within the last 10 years at a regionally accredited university. Requests to transfer credits should be made in writing to the program director by the end of the student's first semester of coursework. Requests must be accompanied by an official transcript from the institution at which prior credits were earned. To be considered for credit, students must: 1) demonstrate the relevance of the prior coursework to existing MASL program learning outcomes and 2) have earned a B or better in the prior coursework.

Course Cancellation Policy

In the event that a weekend class must be cancelled due to an event beyond the control of Viterbo University and/or the Master of Arts in Servant Leadership program (e.g., weather, faculty illness, etc.), every effort will be made to reschedule the class. The professor will issue a revised syllabus and make-up coursework.

Cancellation of Registration

Students who cancel registration in writing within three days prior to the beginning of classes will be given a full refund of tuition or deposit. Students who withdraw from a course after the course has begun will receive a refund of tuition according to Viterbo University refund policy based on the official withdrawal date.

Viterbo University Refund Policy

MASL New Student Orientation

New student orientation will be scheduled. Contact your student advisor for current information. All new students are strongly encouraged to participate. In the event that a new student is unable to take part an online version is available.