Proxy Instructions

You may designate a parent(s)/spouse/other desired person(s) access to the Parent Proxy, where the designee can review your academic and/or financial information.

NOTE: By granting permission, you are authorizing the named individual(s) access to your confidential information, depending on the specific permissions indicated. Granting access also allows Viterbo administration to discuss your situation with the granted individual(s).  (This process for granting access meets FERPA and HEA guidelines.)

To give access for academic and/or financial information:

  • Log in to VitNet Self Service
  • Click on User Options
  • Click on View/Add Proxy Access
  • Use drop down to select Parent or Guardian (parents should be listed)
  • Select access permissions, click "I authorize" and the "Submit" button

For the granted person:

After you have granted access, the granted person will receive two emails containing a direct link to VitNet along with login information (username and password).

  • Log in to VitNet Self Service
  • Click Students button to access Student Menu
  • Click Access to Students Info
  • Choose information you would like to view