Critical Financial Aid Dates

Financial Aid Census Dates

A student may only receive federal or state-funded financial aid for those courses for which he/she is enrolled on the Financial Aid Census Date. Credits added after the published census date for a semester cannot be considered for funding, even if the course starts later in the semester.

In addition, a student must be enrolled at least half time in any semester for which financial aid funds are awarded. Undergraduate half time is six credits. Graduate half time is three credits. If you are not enrolled at least half time at the applicable census date review, all financial aid must be canceled for that semester.

Exemption—If an undergraduate student is eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant, he/she may qualify for the grant even if enrolled for less than six credits. The financial aid office will make this determination when verifying enrollment after the census date each term. The student must still meet census date enrollment deadlines.

NOTES: The following census dates are specific to the Financial Aid Office and are not to be confused with census dates used by other offices. The census dates listed are for the end of business on that date

2022-23 Financial Aid Enrollment Census Date
Financial Aid eligibility is based on your enrollment as of these census dates- these dates are separate from academic census dates.

Fall 2022: Sept. 2, 2022
Spring 2023: Jan. 20, 2023
Summer 2023: May 19, 2023


Other Important Financial Aid Dates

Priority filing dates*
*File the FAFSA and Viterbo's Additional Information Form (if applicable) by priority date to ensure you receive maximum consideration for available aid.
                       2022-23: Feb. 1, 2022

FAFSA Deadline
The 2022-23 FAFSA will no longer be available to file after June 30, 2023.

Financial Aid Deadlines
Deadlines to hand in applications and other required paperwork, and complete processes necessary to receive aid for a particular semester.  Federal Financial Aid cannot be awarded after an academic year is completed, or after the Fall term ends if you are not continuing into the Spring term, or after the Spring term ends if you are not continuing into the Summer term.

Fall 2022: November 30, 2022
Spring 2023: April 21, 2023
Summer 2023: July 30, 2023


SAP Suspension Appeal Deadlines
Deadline to turn in a SAP Appeal application and supporting documentation.

Fall 2022: 4 p.m. on September 23, 2022
Spring 2023: 4 p.m. February 10, 2023
Summer 2023: 4p.m. June 9, 2023


Deadline to Submit Reconsideration Documentation
Deadline to submit forms and other documentation related to a request for "reconsideration" of your eligibility for financial aid due to special or unusual circumstances. 

2022-23: Feb. 1, 2023


Additional Important Financial Aid and Business Office 2022-23 Dates