SJE Social Justice and Equity

Following in the Franciscan tradition of peacemaking, Social Justice and Equity courses help students serve the common good by presenting social justice frameworks they can use as the basis for making recommendations to improve community life, politics, or government.  Students engage in a range of activities including service learning, critical reflection, collaborative problem-solving, and academic research.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge of Social Justice: Develops an academically-informed understanding of diverse communities and cultures and definitions of social justice frameworks.
  2. Application of Social Justice: Evaluates and applies social justice frameworks as a means for suggest improvements of community life, politics, or government.

Required Common Texts

Because SJE courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, there is no required common text.

Additional Information

PDF iconFinal Assignment and Assessment Rubric Rev 2017 (under revision 2022-23)

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