Written Communication

Viterbo students will communicate effectively in writing, shaping their writing in relation to subject, purpose, medium, context, and intended audience.

  • A typical student with median or higher achiever based on ACT as a starting point will take a one-semester four-credit comp course approved by the Core Curriculum Committee–two three-credit courses (103/104) will still be an option for those who do not meet the criteria—and a writing-intensive course in the sophomore year that might also meet requirements within the major.

Quantitative Literacy

Quantitative Literacy is an aggregate of knowledge, dispositions, learned practices of informed skepticism, effective communication, and problem-solving skills that people need in order to confidently and competently engage in quantitative situations arising from everyday life and work.

  • A typical student will take one three-credit math course, though the competency may be satisfied by a math course, high enough entry scores, or applied math course(s) in the student’s major – as approved by the Core Curriculum Committee.

Information Literacy

The ability to access and use information ethically, legally, and responsibly; determine the extent of information needed; access the needed information; evaluate information and sources critically; and use information to accomplish a specific purpose.

  • For a typical student, this skill will be part of the composition course taken at Viterbo; students who do not complete the traditional composition course will complete a 1-credit module.

Oral Communication

Oral communication is a prepared, purposeful presentation designed to increase knowledge, to foster understanding, or to promote change in the listeners' attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors.

  • A typical student would meet this competency with a one-credit addition to a course within their major, or an existing course in their major; however, other courses such as Intro to Speech or other approved course could satisfy this skill.

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