Core Curriculum Committee Members

2022-2023 Members

  • Core Curriculum Director: Jackie Herbers (Chair)
  • Vice President for Academics: Sara Cook (ex-officio)
  • Registrar: Kori Salaski (ex-officio)
  • Director of Assessment and Institutional Research: Naomi Stennes-Spidahl (ex-officio)
  • Director of Advising and Career Development: Alyssa Gostonczik (ex-officio)
  • Dahl School of Business: Rochelle Brooks
  • College of Nursing and Health: Jennifer Schmaltz
  • Conservatory for the Performing Arts: Mary Ellen Haupert
  • School of Engineering, Math, and Science: Charlie Lawrence
  • School of Humanities: Keith Knutson
  • School of Human Behavior: Tyler Flockhart
  • School of Education: Daisy Figueroa