Viterbo University's computer science program is firmly rooted in the practical application of theoretical knowledge, a fact that is reflected in our use of leading-edge tools and technologies to enhance the learning process. Our labs are equipped with advanced hardware and software that are integral to fields like data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and software development.

For instance, students gain hands-on experience with powerful programming languages and frameworks such as Python and JavaScript, as well as tools like GitHub for version control, which are fundamental in modern software development cycles. In the realm of data science, technologies like R, SQL, and TensorFlow allow students to delve into real-world data analysis, machine learning models, and artificial intelligence applications. 

In our collaborative projects, students use Agile and Scrum methodologies, reflecting the project management techniques used in top tech firms. This exposure ensures that students are not just familiar with these tools theoretically but are adept at using them in practical scenarios, preparing them for the technological workspace. At Viterbo, the products students develop are a result of not just their theoretical learning but also their proficiency with industry-standard tools and technologies, ensuring they're well-prepared for a seamless transition into their professional careers.

Due to  our hands-on approach, we recommend incoming students follow the Viterbo's laptop recommendations listed by our IIT.



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Chair, Department of Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science
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