Starfish Early Alert

What is Starfish Early Alert?

The Starfish Early Alert program allows instructors to provide feedback regarding student progress. Students may receive "kudos" for exemplary progress or "flags" for areas of concern. The mission of Early Alert at Viterbo is to continue to motivate students who are doing well in a course as well as to identify students who are having academic difficulty. 

When a student who is experiencing academic difficulty is identified, they can be promptly directed to the support services that can help the student succeed. The process is supported by Starfish Retention Solutions and is accessible through Moodle. Starfish provides an efficient way to communicate concerns to the people who can help, while respecting FERPA and Viterbo's policies regarding the student information privacy.

Increased communication between faculty, staff, and students is a proven strategy for increasing student success. Involving all campus faculty and staff helps ensure that each student enrolled at Viterbo has the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Early Alert + Early Intervention = Increased Student Success!


Starfish Technical Support

If you have any questions about this process or you would like to offer feedback or suggestions, or need additional Starfish support, please contact the Starfish Coordinator at