International & Intercultural Student Success
International Students walking on campus


International Student Services provides services to international students, including help with adjusting to the United States and college life, and understanding and compliance with federal immigration regulations.

 Department of International & Intercultural Student Success

Viterbo University and International and Intercultural Student Success acknowledge the need to center student identity and experience in enhancing holistic education and development. Founded within our Franciscan identity we uphold hospitality and respect for human dignity.  Through our values, we strive to be an institution of higher learning that centers social justice and equity. In order to do so, the department of International and Intercultural Student Success serve: 

International students – by providing a welcoming orientation experience to Viterbo University, being a consistent resource of support and guidance, and a space to be authentically you! 

Intercultural students – by providing individuals the opportunity to be validated in your identity and experiences, provide a space that challenges norms, to listen and create action, and a space to be authentically you! 

All students, staff, and faculty- by providing opportunities and space to reflect on your identity and experiences, provide a broadened world-view and perspective, challenge norms to create a more socially just and equitable world, and a space to be authentically you! 

We are here for you! Have questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

International & Intercultural Student Success
Megan Pierce
+1 608-796-3398
Murphy Center, Room 325

International Admissions
Kenneth Felts
+1 608-796-3171
Reinhart Center, Room 145

Advising (undergraduates) 
Academic Advising
+1 608-796-3084
Murphy Center, Room 337

English language/ESL
Jane Eddy
+1 608-796-3194
Murphy Center, Room 332

Kevin Ganther
+1 608-796-3855
Murphy Center, Room 214

Health Insurance
Sue Danielson
+1 608-796-3806
Student Development Center, Room 3

Margy Krogman
+1 608-796-3842
Marian Hall South/Hawk's Next, Room 106C

FREE 24/7 Mental Health Professional Support- My SSP

My SSP (My Student Support Program) is a confidential online counseling service offering mental health support for all undergraduate students and all (undergraduate and graduate) international students at Viterbo University via text, phone, or video. My SSP is available throughout North America and some locations around the world, and in multiple languages. My SSP is totally free-of-cost to undergraduate students and international students. Learn more HERE!