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Arts for All Narratives

Below are narratives which accompanied successfully funded applications.

Question 1: Which national, state, district and/or school standards will you address in your classroom through this performance? Please list three or more.

Question 2: How will you use the performance experience in your classroom, both pre- and post-performance? Specific examples of lesson ideas and activities are required. You must specifically mention the title of the play in your narrative.

Question 3: How do you expect this performance will directly benefit your students? Share specific examples.

Sample A: Second grade teacher, Emerson Elementary School, La Crosse

  1. There are many standards that will be able to address through this performance that are similar in the two grade levels of students attending. The standards listed below are important reading literature standards that we teach throughout the year.


1st Grade:
RL.1.2   Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.
RL.1.3   Describe characters, setting, and major events in a story using key details.
RL.1.9   Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.

2nd Grade:
RL.2.2   Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral.
RL.2.3   Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.
RL.2.9   Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story.

2. Before attending Skippyjon Jones, the first and second grade teachers at Emerson will read the book that goes along with the play. We will also read some of my other favories - the first Skippyjon Jones book, The Great Bean Caper, Cirque De Ole, and Lost in Spice.  The week before the play, we will read the book that the play is based on in order to learn the story, including key events, characters, and setting. After the performance, we will discuss how the play of Snow What is similar to and different from the book. We will also talk about how the play and book are based off of the fairytale Snow White.

3. This performance will directly benefit our students in multiple ways. First, students will be able to see written and illustrated stories adapted to a different format. They will have previously enjoyed Skippyjon Jones stories through listening and/or reading in the classroom, but they will be able to experience it in an entirely different way live on the stage. Students seem to have many opportunities to watch movies or television shows that are based on books, but it is more rare, and worthwhile, for them to see the stories live on stage with characters/puppets and scenery.

Next, Skippyjon Jones stories are enjoyed by young children. We have no doubt that our students will have a great time seeing this performance. It will hopefully inspire children to begin to develop a love and appreciation for the arts. Any oppportunity to be more involved in the arts can benefit our students and we are grateful to be able to come to Viterbo to attend the wonderful plays that are put on each year.

Finally, having the opportunity to go out into the community and practice being responsible, respectful, and safe is an invaluable experience. We value attending each year as many students most likely would not have had that same opportunity to attend a professional performance outside of the school setting. Throughout the entire experience students can develop academically, socially, and emotionally.

Thank you for considering us for the Ronald McDonald Arts for All assistance program. With so many families struggling financially, we hope to continue to come to Viterbo each year to see the wonderful plays and it is through the generosity of your group and the Random Acts of Kindness funds from members of our community that will allow us to make that happen.

Sample B: Fifth grade teacher, Maplewood Elementary, Sparta

We are applying for the Arts for All program to enable our students to experience a live musical performance - something that many students would never have a chance to experience.  Our school's fifth grade students will be attending the performance of Yamato: The Drummers of Japan. This live performance will extend our students' cultural and global awarness. 

1. Standards covered:

A.8.1   Use a variety of geographic representations, such as political, physical, and topographic maps, a globe, aerial photographs, and satellite images, to gather and compare information about a place.
A.8.1   Attend a live theatrical performance and be able to analyze, evaluate, and create personal meaning from the experience through small group discussion and say what they liked, didn't like, and why
E.8.3   Describe the ways in which local, regional, and ethnic cultures may influence the everyday lives of people
E.8.10   Explain how language, art, music, beliefs, and other components of culture can further global understanding or cause misunderstanding
I.8.2   Classify by genre and style (and if appliable, by historical periods, composer, and title) a varied body of high quality and characteristic musical works and explain the characteristics that cause each work to be considered exemplary
I.8.3   Compare, in several cultures of the world including their own, functions music serves, roles of musicians, and conditions under which music is typically created and performed

2. Students will be able to learn additional information about the country of Japan and continue learning respect and acceptance of different cultures. Students will be learning about the geography of Japan along with cultural aspects of the country and how it affects the people of Japan. In further preparation for our attendance at the performance of Yamato: The Drummers of Japan, our students will learn more about the use of drums in various cultures during music classes. Students will also be learning about the Olympics as part of our PBIS goals including the culture, traditions, and music of the countries.

After attending the live performance of Yamato: The Drummers of Japan, we will be able to have discussions about the connections that the students can make to their own musical experiences. We will be able to encourage students to experience different musical events. Teachers will be able to have students make written journal entries about the experience including information about Japan and its people and culture during writer's workshop. During reader's workshop, teachers will be able to introduce readings about Japan and other countries and cultures. In addition, students will learn more about the countries of the world while learning about the Winter Olympics.

3. Our fifth grade classes will benefit from attending this performance in several ways. First of all, students will be able to experience a live performance since many of them would never be able to attend a live musical performance. Due to the fact that Sparta has a large number of free and reduced students (54.99%), many of our students rarely if ever get to travel to La Crosse, much less to attend a musical performance. It also provides an opportunity for students to learn about a different country and gain some cultural awareness. Secondly, students will be able to make connections with the information that they are learning about some of the countries participating in the Olympics. It will allow us to have deeper conversations about the music and traditions of the countries of the world. In addition, our students will get the chance to experience a setting other than that of the classroom.

We look forward to attending this musical performance and we thank you for considering this request for funding.