Dean's List and Academic Standing

The Dean’s List honors exemplary academic achievement. The Dean’s List will be compiled and published after all grades for the term are calculated; approximately March 15 for fall semester, July 15 for spring semester, and Oct. 15 for summer session. To merit a place on the Dean’s List, a student must achieve a semester grade point average of 3.50 and complete a minimum of six letter-graded credits. The Dean’s List is published in the hometown newspaper for those students who have supplied that information to the university.

Summer 2022 Dean's List

Hannah R. Anderson Tina M. Haynes Bailey J. Palamaruk
Beckie Austin Laura Heier Savannah L. Palmi
Brad Baumgartner Maria P. Holicky Cherise R. Parker
Leah Becker Emily M. Howell Molly C. Peters
Kirsten Betancurt Carla M. Hugill Cindy Prum
Amber S. Bethke Katie L. Jacobs Arthur Reed
Kristin J. Betthauser Bailey N. Johnson Jenna M. Reigel
Beth C. Borsheim Nicole J. Johnson Tessa L. Rippentrop
Michelle E. Brockway Amy J. Jore Calvin Robinson
Joyce C. Brueggeman Jessica M. Kasten Nicole L. Roesch
Kim Burkhalter Shamika L. King Kayde M. Rohn
Kyle W. Christen Taylor A. Koch Savannah S. Rud
Brittany B. Clay Jenny Kokke Jasmine R. Rybicki
Daniel Cole Ruth A. Konzen Nicole L. Sawyer
Sarah M. Cole Ashley M. Laschenski Alexandria P. Schanhofer
Laquanda L. Early Heather T. Laskaskie Ashley D. Schild
Melinda A. Fitzpatrick Lauren E. Lochner Jessica L. Schleif
Mary C. Fohrenkamm Brandon L. Lovejoy Elaine S. Singkeo
Amanda G. Friell Kristina M. Mangene Stephanie Stouffer
Brad Gallenberg Jessica L. Marshall Renee M. Stroinski
Peter J. Gard Ashley B. McGrath Cassandra A. Utke
Jennifer A. Geier Brittany S. Mighall Melissa M. Wagner
Kenny Gilmore Ashley A. Miller Annie Weber
Theresa J. Goebel Elizabeth Norén Iris Whitson
Bertha Hart Jessica E. Olson Becky M. Wipperfurth
Sarah C. Hauert Kerri J. Oratch