Purchasing Policy

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are to be used for all University purchases, including orders for supplies, equipment, rentals, etc. Check requests are used for travel advances, travel reimbursements, stipends, or any item for which a check is required.

Purchase order/check request forms can be obtained in the Business Office. You must check either the "PURCHASE ORDER" or "CHECK REQUEST" box so the Business Office is able to properly process the request.

  1. All requests on these forms should contain the appropriate general ledger budget account number, the signature of the responsible budget officer, the name and address of the vendor, item(s) purchased, part number, and cost. For payments made to an individual, the individual's social security number must also be included to facilitate tax reporting. A notation should also be included on the Purchase Order/Check Request in the "Special Instructions For Business Office" section if special handling is desired.
    1. If the requisitioner wishes to pick up the ordered item personally, he/she should indicate that the purchase order should be returned to him/her.
    2. If a check must be enclosed with the order, this fact should be noted.
  2. Completed Purchase Orders/Check Requests should be sent to the Business Office.
  3. A copy of the approved Purchase Order is sent back to the department. This copy should be verified to determine that the order has been placed as submitted, and should be retained until the order has been completed and invoiced. If the order has not been received within a specific time, you should contact the vendor.
  4. All orders received via mail, UPS carrier, or vendor's truck are checked by the Copy Center and delivered to the proper departments.
  5. If there is a problem with the order—parts missing or incorrect items sent—please report this to the vendor.
  6. After the vendor invoice is received in the Business Office, it is sent to the budget officer for payment approval. The invoice should be approved as stamped (date order received, approved with your signature, and general ledger budget account number). Payment should be approved and invoices returned to the Business Office as soon as possible, so that service charges are not added to the bill. If the order does not arrive in satisfactory condition or the price is questioned, do not approve the invoice until the issue is resolved. 

Purchase orders and invoices are processed on a daily basis. Checks are written once a week on Wednesdays morning, for all Check Requests and approved invoices that are provided to the Business Office prior to 4 p.m. on Mondays. 


Viterbo University is not responsible for any charges incurred without an approved Viterbo University purchase order. Suppliers may be instructed to invoice the person placing any authorized order.

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