Through the Decades - 1990s


Remembering the 1990s

Library staircase 1990

Here are some highlights and milestones from the 1990s:

1991: William J. Medland was appointed Viterbo’s seventh president, and the Todd Wehr Memorial Library was dedicated.

1992: The Howard and Lorraine Dahl School of Business was commemorated.

1995: Viterbo was awarded a $1.75 million Tittle III grant for technology integration.

1996: Viterbo’s homepage appears on the World Wide Web.

1997: Rose Terrace residence hall was completed.

1998: Renovation of the Fine Arts Center was completed, the Outdoor Athletics Complex opened, and the Master of Science in Nursing degree was approved.

1999: The D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership was established, and Viterbo is recognized by the Templeton Foundation as a Character-Building College.


Distinguished Alumni Award Winners from the 1990s

Class of 1990: Mary Ann Wetterling; Margaret Wood

Class of 1992: Todd Goldsmith; Mark Skogen

Class of 1993: Kimberly (Sloane) Adams; Meg Buchner

Class of 1994: Ann Boland; Teresa Pulvermacher

Class of 1995: Scott Krueger; Emily (Caldwell) Pozo

Class of 1996: Dr. Dan Hale; Michael Peplinski

Class of 1997: Melinda Van Slyke

Class of 1998: Matt Boehler; Shane Peper; Maomoua Vue

Class of 1999: Julianne Brienza; Naomi (Hemesath) Harm; Barbara Winters


Viterbo Athletics Wall of Fame Inductees

1990: Scott Arenz, Kenny Koelbl. David Lee. Terri (Wiesner) Servais, Herman Smith

1991: Damian Miller, Michael Boticki. Bruce Erickson, Aaron Gibbons, John Mazzola, Tiffiny (Orwan) Smith

1992: Cheryl (Cota) Hanson, Mark Skogen, Wayne Wagner

1993: Jason Emerick

1994: Brian Soller

1995: Brian Behnke, Patrick Lauer, Ryan Lium, Richard Rust, Doug Seigle, Troy Wagner

1996: Jill (Brandt) Lynn, Mike Peplinski, James Vacek

1997: Adrian Boyd

1998: Chad Babcock, Bryan Thorson, Chris Swenson

1999: Roddy Hjort and Missy Slinde-Gordon


Alumni Plaza Supporters

Class of 1990: Kimberly Lueck, Andy Stiefel, Mary (Burich) Wetterling and Ruth (Brom) Wills (SFSN '66)

Class of 1991: Doris (Lange) Doherty-Gasper, Rey Eduvas, and John Mazzola

Class of 1992: Mary Jane (Drews) Bernhardt and Kathleen (Hendrickson) Bondo

Class of 1993: Shirley Hogan

Class of 1994: Dawn (Lipkie) Bojarski, Anna (Hartley) Boland, Deanna Krultz, Jennifer Schmaltz, and Marleen (Boland) Venner

Class of 1995: Ilona (Strelecki) Hansen, Jennifer Hedrick-Erickson, Kristy Herlitzka, Tricia (Shumway) Komay, and Janell (Thompson) Rondestvedt

Class of 1996: Aaron Engebreth, and Michelle (Jenks) Tilson

Class of 1997: Patricia Hagen, Hope (Clements) Hembd, Michelle McNeil, Chris Wood, Sue Wood, and Jessica (Carlson) Zych

Class of 1998: Holly Blanchard, Emily (Hund) Dykman, Ann (Hendrickson) Peterson, Arbender “Dell” Robinson, and Jennifer Tilleman

Class of 1999: Kimberly (Nerby) Garves, and Susan (Czapiewski) Hoke

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