This course familiarizes students with the social, economic, psychological, and political issues that challenge contemporary women locally and internationally. It also encourages students to further their personal progress toward understanding and dealing constructively with womens issues.

This course focuses on performance requirements and techniques for the actor, including the process of preparation to performance, and the stylistic differences between genres. The course utilizes material from existing theatre literature in a variety of styles. Solo and ensemble participation is expected of students. Restricted to theatre majors. Restricted to students with junior standing and higher. May be repeated for credit.

Courses on topics of interest to students in theatre offered on the basis of need, interest, or timeliness. Prerequisites as determined by the instructor. Restricted to students with junior standing or higher. May be repeated for credit. For specific section description, click to the Section Details in VitNet.

Advanced non-classroom experiences in the field of theatre. Placements are off-campus, and may be full- or part-time, and with or without pay. Credit for experiences must be sought prior to occurance, and learning contracts must be submitted to the theatre faculty before the end of the first week of the semester. See the experiential learning: internship section of this catalog for more details. Restricted to theatre majors and minors. Permission of department required. Graded CR/NC.

Independent reading and/or research under the guidance of a theatre faculty member. Refer to the academic policy section for independent study policy. Independent study contract is required. May be repeated for credit.

This course is a further examination of practical and theoretical considerations in the process of stage management as it applies to both producing and presenting organizations. The student will be introduced to financial, contractual, facility, administrative, and management considerations unique to the production of performance and arts events in both professional and academic environments. The focus of this course centers on stage management for the commercial theatre with an emphasis on process and the current conditions in the industry as a whole.

This survey course reflects how contemporary playwrights (1960 to the present) have utilized theatre and drama to examine identity and culture, including race, gender, and sexuality, within their historical and present-day contexts. Content is adjusted to reflect current scholarship and dramatic literature that examines these topics. Prerequisites: ENGL-104 or 105 or 195, LDW course. LA

A study of plays, current production, playwrights, actors, and theatrical practices in selected cities, either in the U.S. or abroad. This course culminates in a required field trip which allows on site observation of theatrical practices, and consists of attending productions and guest lectures as well as backstage tours. Additional fees required. May be repeated for credit with different content. Graded CR/NC.

The art of dramatic writing is explored, as well as the production of scripts for stage presentation. Prerequisite: ENGL 104

This course will provide students an opportunity to explore the dynamics of theatrical production. The process will be explored from early idea development through post production evaluation. The course will also provide an opportunity for students to develop practical skills in the areas of leadership, team building, collaboration, production communication and creative problem solving. The content of this course work will be designed to amplify the education benefit of practical experience gained through the departmental production assignments. Prerequisite: 256.