Saint John XXIII Award

Saint John Medal

The Saint John XXIII Award for Distinguished Service is the highest non-academic award conferred by Viterbo University. It was established in 1975 to recognize those men and women who have distinguished themselves through service to higher education, to community, to humankind. Recipients are selected by the executive committee of the Board of Advisors on the basis of outstanding leadership, and exemplification of the spirit of Saint John XXIII. Contributions in one or several of the following categories are also considerations used to evaluate recipients: education, business, philanthropy, peace and justice, and religious life.

Born as the son of a humble peasant family, Saint John XXIII was a person deeply aware of the world around him, compassionate for the people who made up this world, and firm in his understanding and belief that the Church must become a more open institution continually striving to unite its people. Throughout his life, Saint John XXIII found great meaning in the words peace and love. It was through his distinct humor that he was often able to share this meaning. Recognized within the Roman Catholic church as a leader who initiated reforms at many levels, Saint John XXIII successfully orchestrated the Second Vatican Council. Although he died four and one-half years after his election as Pope in 1958, his love for humanity earned him the respect and admiration of people around the world.

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