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Complete your Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education online

Program Information

Elementary Education Degree Completion is an online program designed to serve working professionals who want to be elementary school teachers, but do not currently hold a bachelor degree and/or a teaching license. To graduate with a BS in Elementary Education in two years, typically students entering this program have an associate’s degree or at least 35-65 credits of undergraduate coursework. Students in this program would be eligible for Elementary/Middle teaching licensure and have the option to include nine additional credits for Cross-categorical Special Education licensure. Cost per credit is $335, and the program is financial aid eligible. 

Founded in 1890 as St. Rose Normal School, Viterbo was created to prepare teachers. Students in this program would benefit from our deep tradition and strong reputation in education, and from the thousands of alumni working as educators across the state.

Earn initial elementary/middle licensure.
Option to include initial cross categorical SPED license.





Complete in 2-3 years
53 credit program
$335 per credit – 2022 fall–2023 summer enrollment



Elementary Education (BS Degree Completion)

Viterbo’s elementary education degree completion program is an online program that provides a pathway to licensure as an elementary educator for those who do not currently hold a bachelor’s degree. Typically students enter this program having earned an associate degree or have 35–65 credits of undergraduate coursework. In this 53-credit program students earn a BS in elementary education within two to three years.
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