Effective Practices for Teaching with Online Tools

These self-paced modules are designed to help faculty

  • reflect on current teaching practice and use of online tools in their teaching,
  • consider adjustments for future courses, and
  • better implement effective practices that will enhance their teaching, regardless of modality.

**Completion of this course does not result in approval to teach online. For online teaching approval, see the criteria here.**

Note the following steps to complete the modules:

  • Step 1: Enroll in the course per the button and enrollment key listed below.
  • Step 2: Complete the modules.
  • Step 3: If you leave the modules and need to return to them, you can find them in Moodle via the Course Overview.

The modules are competency-based and self-paced. Participants must self-enroll (click the button below and click "Enroll me") and type in one of the following acronyms as an "Enrollment Key" based on your needs:

  • new - enter this enrollment key if you are new to Viterbo and teaching regular, undergraduate courses
  • adult - enter this enrollment key if you are teaching bachelor completion or graduate courses
  • newadult - enter this enrollment key if you are new to Viterbo and teaching bachelor completion or graduate courses
  • If none of the above apply, type "Viterbo".



  • Elements of the Online Teaching Best Practices (OLTBP) since 2018 are redundant to this course, so if you have completed that course since 2018, you may not need to complete this course. You must be enrolled as an instructor or student in Moodle (already) to self-enroll in this course.
  • Upon completion of the two modules, you will be able to access/print a certificate indicating completion of the course. Note that University deans will also have access to this information.

If you have any questions, please contact Cari Mathwig Ramseier at cemathwigramseier@viterbo.edu.

Course Objective

Participants will reflect on past practice and be able to effectively choose and use online activities to augment face-to-face courses in Moodle.

Competency (OLTF-1): Choose, create and use course activities in Moodle.

Supporting Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how online tools can be used to produce deliverables.Participants will learn how different online tools and interactions can accomplish various types of outcomes.
  2. Visual design. Participants will be able to design course activities in Moodle that attend to workflow, minimize scroll and the number of clicks, and are visually effective and efficient.
  3. Online Development. Participants able to create course activities that contain the following elements: Organized Content, Communication, and Assessment.
Competency (OLTF-2): Manage online activities in Moodle.

Supporting Learning Outcome:

  1. Use specific strategies for teaching online and blended courses, including social presence and fostering a learning community.
  2. Management of online-enhanced activities. Participants will be able to manage online activities, such as discussions, assignments, and quizzes in order to provide feedback and assessment.