Biology (BS)

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Viterbo’s biology program provides students with a breadth of knowledge within the biological sciences, including cellular and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, ecology, behavior, and evolution; as well as the opportunity to gain a greater depth of knowledge in specialized areas of interest. The biology program at Viterbo offers a student-centered learning environment including hands-on experiences, career exploration, research, and internships within the curriculum.



  • Students majoring in biology must maintain a biology grade point average (GPA) of 2.25 to continue in and graduate from this program. The biology GPA is based on all grades earned in the required and elective courses taken in biology and required support courses. Any student whose biology GPA falls below 2.25 will be placed on probation for one semester. If the biology GPA is not raised during that semester, the student may not enroll in further biology courses. An earned grade of a D or lower in any biology or support course will not be credited toward the biology major.
  • Directed research must be faculty-approved, but may be conducted at an institution other than Viterbo University with prior approval. Special topics are offered periodically. Credit for these courses may substitute for one or more of the listed courses with faculty approval.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand importance of interrelationships and unifying themes of major biological concepts
  • Understand the elements of the scientific method, design and implement experiments independently, and analyze and present data to the faculty and peers in a competent and professional manner
  • Students should be familiar with the principles, operation, and problems of common laboratory procedures and instrumentation
  • Students should understand the complexity of ethical issues surrounding science
    Complete one Franciscan Values and Traditions course (VUSM-100 level course). Transfer or re-entry students may have one or two mission seminars waived based on the number of transfer or completed credits.
    Complete one Living in a Diverse World course. Transfer or re-entry students may have one or two mission seminars waived based on the number of transfer or completed credits.
    Complete one Social Justice and Equity course.
    Complete one The Ethical Life course (VUSM-400 level).
    Complete three credits of historical analysis.
    Complete three credits of literary analysis.
    Complete four credits of scientific reasoning in the natural sciences.
    Complete three credits of scientific reasoning in the social sciences.
    Complete three credits of artistic engagement.
    Complete three credits of theological inquiry.
    Complete three credits of integrating faith and practice.
    Complete three credits of philosophical and moral inquiry.
    Complete 11 credits of natural science and/or mathematics. (Courses that qualify for Scientific Reasoning in the Natural Sciences or Quantitative Literacy credit within the LIVE program may also count toward the total.)
    Complete a minimum of 40 upper division credits (300/400).
    Complete a minimum of 120 college-level credits.

Viterbo University Degree in Three Program for Biology Majors

This accelerated degree program provides an opportunity for outstanding, highly motivated students to complete their bachelor’s degree in three years rather than the traditional four. This program is available to students who wish to major in biology.