The following objectives serve as a foundation guide to our master's level curriculum and assessment plan.

  • Objective 1: (Social and Cultural Diversity) Students will articulate the impact of values, beliefs, and cultural perspectives relative to the counseling process.
  • Objective 2: (Orientation and Ethics, Human Development, Career Development) Students will demonstrate professional ethical standards of practice and the application of contemporary theories and principles of clinical mental health counseling.
  • Objective 3: (Counseling Relationship, Group Counseling) Students will be able to conceptualize individual, group, and systemic approaches in clinical mental health counseling work.
  • Objective 4: (Assessment, Research) Students will evaluate and integrate theory, research, and evidence-based approaches within their counseling practice.
  • Objective 5: (CMHC) Students will demonstrate accurate conceptualization and diagnosis of clients’ presenting issues.
  • Objective 6: (CMHC) Students will demonstrate effective counseling relationships with their clients and effective communication skills with colleagues within the agency setting.

Methods of Instruction

Students will experience a wide variety of instructional methods within the program that includes: readings, discussions, reflection, written assignments, presentations, skill-based learning opportunities, digital video recordings, practicums and internships. Each syllabus within the program will highlight the instructional methods used for that course.

Within a collaborative interactive model, students take courses in sequence throughout the program. The program utilizes a systemic approach to knowledge and skill acquisition that involves a continuous and recursive application of the following steps:

  1. Setting clear goals for competency acquisition
  2. Establishing a climate of mutual learning
  3. Facilitating learning activities
  4. Applying knowledge
  5. Practicing skills
  6. Evaluating competency achievement
  7. Assessing overall learning outcomes
  8. Goal setting for further competency development