Scholar's Release Protocol

Last updated Feb 3, 2023


Any tenured or tenure-track faculty member above the rank of instructor may qualify to receive one semester of quarter-time release to pursue scholarly work as defined by the applicant’s department or program. Preferred projects promote Viterbo student learning and may develop expertise in other areas of strategic importance to the institution.


Eligible faculty may apply for one semester’s quarter-time release (the equivalent of 3 credits of a 12-hour teaching load) to complete scholarly work as defined by the applicant’s department or program. Faculty may receive a scholar’s release once every two years.

Process for Application, Review, and Completion

  1. The faculty development director calls for scholar’s release applications and makes the application, rubric, and administrative approval form available on the Faculty Development Grants web page by Sept. 1 (for spring release) and Jan. 15 (for fall release).
  2. Applicants submit completed applications to the vice-president for academics, to the chair of faculty development, and to the applicant’s department/program chair and dean by Oct. 1 (for spring release) or by Feb. 15 (for fall release).
  3. Applicants submit to the chair of Faculty Development the required approval form (Administrative Approval for Sabbatical or Scholar’s Leave) signed by the applicant, the vice-president for academics, and the applicant’s chair or program director and dean no later than Oct. 1 (for spring release) or Feb. 15 (for fall release).
  4. All members of the Faculty Development Committee review and score applications according to the Rubric for Sabbatical or Scholar’s Release, and the committee recommends applicants for scholar’s release to the vice-president of academics by Nov. 1 (for spring release) and Mar. 15 (for fall release). The grant rubric privileges applicants pursuing tenure or promotion and those who have not received a previous scholar’s release or sabbatical.
  5. The faculty development chair notifies award applicants by Nov. 15 (for spring release) and Apr. 1 (for fall release).
  6. Within one academic year following receipt of a Scholar’s Release, recipients share the results of their grant projects at one of Viterbo’s annual faculty development events (the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship in October or the Celebration of Teaching and Learning in January). Failure to share the funded project at Viterbo within a year of release will adversely affect the recipient’s future applications for release. Necessary changes to this dissemination policy may be negotiated with the faculty development director, preferably at the time of grant application.

Forms and Samples

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Forms and Samples