Do you want to calculate your college grade point average? Our easy-to-use calculator will help you estimate the outcome of this semester’s grades on your cumulative GPA or project your GPA if repeating a course. This may further help you determine your semester academic goals. To help you better understand your grades, Viterbo University’s grading system is as follows:

            A=4.0     AB=3.5     B=3.0     BC=2.5     C=2.0     CD=1.5     D=1.0     F=0.0

You can work to improve your GPA by:

  • attending classes
  • reading course materials
  • submitting assignments on time
  • getting to know your professors and asking for help when needed
  • using your resources (Academic Resource Center, Career Services, Center for Student Success)
  • staying healthy by getting plenty of sleep and eating well

NOTE: This is an unofficial tool and is only as accurate as the information you enter. This calculator to be used as a tool, not as an official indication of your GPA. The use of this calculator is for planning purposes only, and its accuracy is not guaranteed.


To Project Your Cumulative GPA

  • Enter your “Divisor” (Total Credits Earned to Date) in the Total Grade Points section.  Then enter your current Cumulative GPA.
    • This information can be found on the Unofficial Transcript tab in Academic Planning, which can be accessed in VitNet.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the unofficial transcript and look for the “Divisor” and “GPA” fields under the last semester completed.  Input the information from the last row starting with Cum. For more information on using Student Planning, visit Technology Guides for Students.
  • Enter the number of credits for each course you are currently taking or are planning to take in an upcoming semester.
  • Select the letter grade you expect to earn in each course.
  • Wondering about a Course Repeat? Enter the number of credits and grades for any course that will be repeated. Do not enter data for a course that has already been replaced since those changes would be reflected in the cumulative GPA.