Through the Decades - 1980s
Viterbo alumni

Remembering the 1980s

Here are some highlights from the 1980s:

1980: Robert Gibbons was appointed the first lay president of Viterbo.

1983: The John Brophy Nursing Center was dedicated.

1984: Assisi Courtyard was dedicated.

1987: The Student Activities Center (later called the Varsity Athletics Center) was dedicated. Also, Viterbo established its first graduate program, offering a Master of Arts in Education degree.

1989: The Student Union opened, and the Dancing Francis sculpture was unveiled.



Distinguished Alumni Award Winners from the 1980s

Class of 1980: Margaret Grenisen; Jane Kirschling; Paul Krystofiak; Camille Orridge; Jean Storlie Harkness; Shelly Lamb-Vosen

Class of 1981: Debra (Kelly) Schams; David Stoeffler

Class of 1982: James Ames; Linda (Balgord) Fenton; Elizabeth (Harrison) Metcalfe; Julie Vietri

Class of 1983: Richard Deyo

Class of 1984: Richard Brostrom; Lucy (Runde) Canaday; Mark Franz; Judy Kraemer, John Snyder

Class of 1985: Monica Dixon; Jeanette Hertges; Oresoa Selo-Ojeme, FSPA

Class of 1987: Margaret Hammell

Class of 1988: Earl Madary; Larry Winter

Class of 1989: Christopher Parr


Viterbo Athletics Wall of Fame Inductees

1980: Bruce Valk

1981: Scott Koenen

1983: Todd Butzman, Jorge Espat, Mary (Krouse) Ruff, Michael Smith

1984: Richard Brostrom, Sally Davis, Sherry (Fischer) Looker

1986: Audrey (Schuster) Anderson

1987: Joe Dunham, Laurie (Johnson) Wunrow

1988: Lawrence Winter

1989: Denise (Martin) Marshall


Alumni Plaza and History Walk Supporters

Class of 1980: Catherine (Klawitter) Gambacorta, Margaret Grenisen, Mary (Vorlicek) Huepfel, Linda (Schmitz) Pieper, Margaret (Benes) Schmidt, Marie Senzig, and Lori Stutte

Class of 1981: Mary (McCormick) Borgen, Frank Gosar, Mary (Pauly) Isaacs, Diane (Osterhaus) Neefe, Janet (Hall) Roth, Rebecca Stark-Johnson, and Julie (Heilman) Thoftne

Class of 1982: Susan (James) Breen, Linda Balgord Fenton, Carol (Hytry) Gansel, Betty (Parsons) Macha, and Geoffrey Ward

Class of 1983: Judith (Schmieder) Harpenau, and John Patrick Rice

Class of 1984: Nancy Allen, Cynthia Hougum, and Janell (Beers) Newton

Class of 1985: Mary Leif-Huber, Laurie (Schultz) Kiel, Sharlene (Huppert) Kreye, Janelle (Welsh) Krueger, Karen (Scheel) Morris, and Michael Ranscht

Class of 1986:  Audrey (Schuster) Anderson, Pete Anderson, Leslie (Harris) Curtis, Lynette (Zitzner) Ender, Melanie Johnson, Robert Miess, Scott M. Romane, and Patricia (Howard) Schams

Class of 1987: Kari (Mlsna) Ellingson and Jeanne (Hundt) Keyser

Class of 1988: Sharon (Calloway) Davis, Elizabeth Dolder-Zieke, Anne (Pitsch) Santiago, and Melissa Anderson-Seeber

Class of 1989: Jeffery Bojarski, Craig Gralapp and Jim Schultz

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