Through the Decades - 1970s


Remembering the 1970s

Viterbo theatre program 1970s

Here are some highlights and milestones from the 1970s:

1971: Viterbo becomes a coeducational institution and the $5.2 million Fine Arts Center is dedicated, with Macbeth as the first theatre production to take place in the building. Also, Viterbo became a sponsor of the High Quiz Bowl television program on WKBT.

1972: Men’s basketball was established as Viterbo’s first intercollegiate sport, and George Glander became the first male graduate of Viterbo.

1975: Treacy House and McDonald Terrace were dedicated.


Distinguished Alumni Award Winners from the 1970s

Class of 1970: Sandra (Reget) Holter

Class of 1973: Margaret Colleran; Bonnie (Benzing) Pfaff; Theresa Richards

Viterbo athletics 1970s

Class of 1974: Kristine (Koetting) Campbell; Mary Lu Gerke; Nola Jo Starling-Ratliff; Kathleen (Pattison) Roberg

Class of 1975: Connie White Delaney; Joseph Kotnour; Virginia Lukasek

Class of 1976: Therese Amel; Mary (Sendelbach) Dudley; Carl Hansen; Barbara Hundt; Valerie Jackson Jones; Gregory Lind; Wendy (Young, Wegner) Storandt

Class of 1977: Sally (Kramer) Emerson; Harold Holler; Ana Eugenia Marin; Therese "Terri" (Hess) Pedace; Lisa Skemp

Class of 1978: Brenda Armstrong; Ann "Annie" (Sendelbach) Beinborn; Kristine Larson Clark; Joseph (Gauss) Paulauskis Patti Jo Severson

Class of 1979: Anna Dolores Balderamos Garcia; Mary (Burke) Christianson; Kim Little; Richard Ruskell


Alumni Plaza Supporters

Class of 1970: Patricia (Rickert) Bacon, Elizabeth (Meehan) Brendel, Janice (Sebranek) Dreischmeier, Mary Lou (Murphy) Ihrke, Caroline Kirsch FSPA, Jane (McGeough) Sullivan, and Cecilia (Chu) Wang

Class of 1971: Mary Jane (Layton) Dietzman, Pamela (McNerney) Kardosh, Carol (Hall) Kruger, Jeanne (Swing) Pavela, Therese (Tan) Pui, Shirley (Schultz) Roseland, Margaret (Peg) Schmitz, and Joan (Fuhrman) Schreck

Class of 1972: Joyce Heil and Jane (Fitzpatrick) Steidl

Class of 1973: Mati (Vega) Gomoll and Margaret (Chow) Justinich

Class of 1974: Janice (Passe) Berry, Mary Lu Gerke, Rebecca Ann (Hommer) Johnson, Nancy H. Kotnour, John Lynch, and Bonnie Nesbitt

Class of 1975: Terry Amel, Deanna Beinborn, Rhonda (Troyanowski) Faul, Marilyn (Wiskerchen) Follen, Joseph John Keller, Kathy (Saugstad) Larabee, AnnaMae Mayer, and Dennis Siebenaler

Class of 1976: Dick A. Beinborn, Valerie Jackson Jones, Mary Lella, Sandra (Anderson) Schmitz, Judy (Liebl) Stafslien, and Marla (Hammond) Withey

Class of 1977: Julie (Mahr) Bartels, Linda (Medinger) Bechly, Harold Holler, Mark Montague, Terri (Hess) Pedace, and Linda (Evenson) Reed

Class of 1978: Annie (Sendelbach) Beinborn, Linda Egner, and LoriLee (Rebhan) McDaniel

Class of 1978: Carol Brueggen, Audrey (Servais) Haas, Dixie (Flattum) Kress, Debra (Rogalski) Mills, John Pipal, Dixie (Flattum) Riedel, Karen (Weise) Walchak, and Deb (Woelfel) Wenig



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