Through the Decades - 1950s

Remembering the 1950s

Viterbo alumni 1950s

When the 1950s started, Murphy Center was only 10 years old, and the institution had only the year before (1949) expanded its curriculum beyond teacher preparation for the first time to include other majors. Here are a few highlights from the decade:

1950: The first residence hall for lay students was opened when students moved into St. Catherine’s Hall.

1952: Francesca Zoeller, FSPA, was appointed the third president of Viterbo.

1953: Viterbo offers its first continuing education courses to the general public.

1954: Viterbo’s student newspaper, The Lumen, made its debut, and the Viterbo Alumni Association was organized.

1955: The Viterbo Players put on their first theatre production, opening with Christmas on the Village Square.

1957: The first campus residence hall is dedicated and named Marian Hall.


Distinguished Alumni Award Winners from the 1940s and 1950s

Class of 1942: Jeanice Lohman, FSPA

Viterbo alumni 1950s

Class of 1943: Riccarda Moseley, FSPA

Class of 1945: Marie Leon La Croix, FSPA

Class of 1946: Grace McDonald, FSPA

Class of 1947: Louisella Froehle, FSPA; Joyce (Waldenberger) Hagmann, SFSN

Class of 1950: Catherine Daniels

Class of 1951: Rose Rita Collingon, FSPA

Class of 1953: Rose Robacker

Class of 1954: Mary (Maney) Morgan

Class of 1955: Theresa Myers-McHenry; Paula (Ripple) Comin

Class of 1956: Cyrilla Barr; Lois (Liston) Durall; Kathryn (Sullivan) Larson; Marcella Steffes, FSPA

Class of 1957: Marie Kyle, FSPA

Class of 1958: Nancy Lafferty

Class of 1959: Rev. Diana M. (Thompson) Gorgos, SFSN; Janet Linderbaum; Joyce Bantle, FSPA


Alumni Plaza Supporters

Class of 1946: Ruth (Bailey) Eirschele

Class of 1947: Martha (Kuster) Bauch, Muriel (Gasper) Doll, Velma (King) Luehne, Dollie Newlun, and Elizabeth (Bette) Theisen

Class of 1950: Winifred (Corey) McGuire, SFSN

Class of 1952: Coleen (Vogel) Deck, SFSN

Class of 1959: Donna (Corcoran) Fischbach, SFSN

Class of 1957: June (Liu) Chen and Norita (Lampert) Miller, SFSN

Class of 1958: Rose (Steinmetz) Bingham, Erna (Kelzer) Gallagher and Sally (Gautsch) Micek

Class of 1959: Elizabeth (Knop) Keefe, Mary Moen, SFSN, Juanita (Thorson) Vaaler, Rosemary Walsh, and Carol (Ableidinger) Welsh, SFSN


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