First-year Registration Checklist and Mandatory Forms

After you have signed up for your STAR date, submit the following documentation as soon as possible. Some of these forms are required before you can register for your classes during STAR week.  

Some forms may require you log in to your Viterbo student account before completing them. If you are prompted to log in after clicking on a link, enter your Viterbo username and password. If you are unsure of your username and password, please visit

  1. Student Financial Responsibility Agreement - Regardless of age, all new students should complete the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) in VitNet Self Service. This is the business office paperwork that all students need to read and sign, regardless of your financial aid offer. In VitNet Self Service, find the "Academics" section on the left side of the page and scroll to "Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA)" to sign the agreement. This form also asks for your consent to receive student account information electronically and asks you to acknowledge your assumption of risk for off-campus programs/activities. The SFRA should be completed prior to registration.
  2. Parent/Guardian Financial Responsibility Agreement - If a student is not yet 18 years old, a parent/guardian must also electronically sign the Parent/Guardian Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. After the student completes their SFRA (item 1 above), if the student is not yet 18 years old, their parent/guardian will receive an email at the parent/guardian email already on file to electronically sign the agreement online.
  3. Health and Immunization Record - The student health form should be submitted prior to arriving to campus in the fall. Required student immunizations include two doses of MMR and a booster dose of Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td) within the past 10 years. Polio and Hepatitis B are required for students in clinical health-related studies, but are also highly recommended for all students. Meningococcal (Meningitis) A & B vaccines are highly recommended. Health insurance information is also required and should be submitted via this form, including the insurance carrier, policy number, and phone number--a photo of the insurance card can be submitted under ‘attachments’. If there is any missing information, the form will be sent back for completion/correction.
  4. Meningitis & Hepatitis Acknowledgement - Required for all students prior to the fall term.
  5. Student Support Services - If you are a first generation college student, submit online.
  6. Accessibility Services - If you are requesting any type of accommodations, submit online.
  7. Emergency Text Messaging and Hometown Newspaper - New students are encouraged to sign up for the emergency text message system and list your hometown newspaper (for dean's list, honors, and graduation announcements, etc.).
  8. Request Final High School Transcripts - After your final grades have been posted, an official final transcript that includes a graduation/diploma date must be sent to Viterbo Admissions. Final transcripts should be sent directly from your high school either by U.S. Mail (below), using an electronic transcript delivery service (like Parchment), or by email directly from the high school. 
  9. Request Final College Transcripts - If you have taken any college coursework, after your final grades have been posted, official final college transcript(s) must be sent to Viterbo Admissions. Final college transcripts should be sent directly from the institution initially awarding the credit.

Transcripts being sent via postal mail should be mailed to:
Viterbo University
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI  54601

Transcripts being sent via email directly from your prior institution may be emailed to: