School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

There has been an explosion in scientific and technological initiatives at the interface of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, from genetic engineering to the development of nano-materials. More than ever before, today's scientists are asking tougher questions—challenging questions—that can be answered only by crossing the lines that have, until recently, separated the traditional science and math disciplines.

The School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering offers:

  • programs in biochemistry, biology, biopsychology, chemistry, clinical lab science, engineering, environmental biology, mathematics, sport science and leadership 
  • the latest scientific and mathematical techniques and methods within cross-disciplinary programs.
  • faculty in biology, chemistry, engineering, math, and physics that work cooperatively to ensure each student gets the best possible education.
  • preparation for a broad range of careers—medical professions, graduate school, government and private sector research, and teaching.
  • opportunities to conduct undergraduate research with a faculty mentor in research projects, many of which are at the interface of biology, chemistry, engineering, math, and physics.

Students are encouraged to think wisely about their roles as stewards of community resources and the many ethical dilemmas facing today's scientists, engineers and mathematicians. They do this in a new, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to science, ethics, and technology. The D.B. and Marge Reinhart Center features wireless Internet access and distance-learning technology that eliminates barriers of space and time, opening a new world of learning possibilities.

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