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Senior Citizen Enrichment

senior citizen educational enrichment program

This program is open to anyone 62 years of age or older. Students may audit selected courses with no tuition charges. Students are responsible for any fees (i.e., labs, etc.) associated with the selected course. The program is limited to one undergraduate course per semester and is not available during the summer session. Approval and acceptance into the course section is on a space available basis and by consent of the faculty member and school dean. Academic advisors will help facilitate such faculty approvals.

Students must complete the traditional undergraduate admission application online. While completing the application, as their Academic Program under the Enrollment Information section, they should select “Undergraduate NonDegree – SENIOR ENRICHMENT PROGRAM.” Additional documentation may be necessary.

Upon acceptance, students will be given a Viterbo email address as well as access to VitNet and Moodle. No student ID will be issued. No services requiring access using the student ID will be available.

This is an audit only program and no grades are given. The course cannot be converted to credit at some later date.