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Please follow these guidelines
for your safety & the safety of the library staff:

  • Do not enter the library if you are ill.

  • Wear a face mask and maintain social distancing at all times, including in study rooms when you are alone or with a member of your household.  These are shared spaces that will be occupied after you leave.

  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently. Hand sanitizer is supplied at the entrance to and throughout the library.

  • No food allowed until further notice.

  • Furniture cannot be moved.

  • Review changes to hours and services and watch this short video for more information.


Sapere Aude - Horace quote above Library entrance

Library Hours & Services for Winter 2020-21

Due to the ongoing health emergency, the library is open only to the Viterbo community (students, employees, faculty, adjunct faculty, alumni, emeriti, and FSPA). IDs ARE REQUIRED TO ENTER THE LIBRARY AT ALL TIMES. The general public may contact the library for assistance by calling 608-796-3269 or e-mailing
Man Tossing Face Mask

Don't Toss That Mask Just Yet!

Even if you've already had COVID or have received your first dose of the vaccine, wearing a face mask is still required in the library. Thank you for your cooperation!

Lumen Newspaper Digital Collection

Did you know that the Viterbo Archives has created a digital collection of almost all of the issues of The Lumen student newspaper from 1954 to the present?

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